I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful cream you recommended I use. Dinur is the only cream that doesn't make my extremely sensitive skin irritated. There is no fragrance and it is so moisturizing that I do not flake from the Retin-A treatments I use. It has really helped me, and I no longer have dry, itchy skin. It's wonderful!"

Edwina S. - San Diego

"I love your #24 cream. I would like 4 more jars (Xmas presents)...I'm so happy to have found out about your fabulous cream. Thanks and have a wonderful holiday season! "​

Polly S. - San Diego

"I have been using Hydractive for four weeks now. The immediate result I saw after only a few days of use was that my normally very oily skin was not as oily, yet very soft and creamy. After about three weeks, I began to notice two lines around my mouth, over which I had been fretting, that suddenly seemed less noticeable. The difference is remarkable. This product is wonderful and one that will gently 'ease' me into my 50's with renewed vitality!"

Debbie S. - San Diego

Hydractive 24 Age Defying Moisturizer 

Skin Care Product It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to Dinur Skin Care. With more than 15 years of experience as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, I have been pleased to discover a product line that really makes a difference. I have personally enjoyed using the Gel Complex and Age Defying Moisturizer. Not only have these products not caused any irritation, but my skin appears to be healthier and younger.

As a plastic surgeon, I have come to realize how important skin care is as an adjunct to surgical rejuvenation. Even the best facelift improves when the surface of the skin is smoother, alleviating many of the small facial wrinkles caused by muscle folding. I find that the cleansingproducts in combination with appropriate toners and moisturizers, especially by the Dinur SkinCare system, have helped create healthier and younger looking skin. Even more importantly, the success of Dinur is noted by my patients, both preoperative, postoperative and pre- and postskin resurfacing. Of course, the bottom line is that my patients have been satisfied by the results of these products, and that ensures a more long-lasting facial rejuvenation.It is my pleasure to recommend the Dinur Skin Care line. - Skin Care Product

Dr. H. Michael Roark - Certified American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Board of Surgery.

Peeling Cream ($34.95 for 2.5 oz.)

I really like this peeling cream! It is gently and very effective. It does not have added perfumes, is not heavy, and easy to remove. The best part is that it is fast. I never seem to have time to wait 10 minutes or more for the peels to dry and do their thing! The unique part of this peel is that you rub it off dry. Most of the ones I have tried, you add water to remove. It takes a little getting used to, since the first couple of times I used it, I would put it on and jump in the shower to rinse it off. You rub the dried cream in circular motion so the dead skin comes off with the peel (it comes off in little pieces, not one big piece, so peel it off over a sink). After you feel most of it is off, you can rinse with lukewarm water. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and firm.

Bobbi - The Cosmetic Connection

Vitaplex A - Skin Care Product

Vitaplex A or otherwise known as Retinol Palminate is the latest Vitamin to be Recognized as being beneficial in the cosmetic industry. Vitaplex A has micro encapsuled Vitamin A which gives you more concentration and higher effectiveness of Vitamin A versus Vitamin A that is not capsulated. Vitamin A also reduces dryness and normalizes the protein processes of your skin, along with working deep into the surface of your skin combating wrinkles and fine lines.

Vitamin A Multi Vitamin Ampoules 3 pk (0.05 oz) retails for $47.95 USThis is a wonderful blend of a unique concentration of derma multi-vitamins A, E and F in a serum. This serum was created to quickly and effectively be absorbed into your skin, which gives you great cell renewal and increased moisturizing capacity. I have dry skin and used this product 3 times a week, oiler skin can use it up to twice a week. This product comes in a pack of three amber colored bottles with a dropper in each. Over all, my skin has seen many benefits from these products, just lightening my dark circles alone was something I never dreamed I could do or even possible.

Jacquie - EMMU Flower Report - Aug 2003

  • Peeling Cream - Skin Care Product

  • Vitaplex A - Skin Care Product

  • Jojoba Complex - Skin Care Product

  • Hydractive 24 Age Defying Moisturizer

Dinur Skin Care Product Reviews

See what the experts are saying about Dinur Skin Care Products:

"Dinur's anti-wrinkle moisturizer is the best cream I've ever used. I can see and feel the results more than other brands that I have paid more for. My wrinkles, big and small are shallower and the texture of my skin is very smooth."

Ann D. - La Jolla

"I have been very pleased with the Dinur skin care system. I use the cleanser, toner and moisturizer and am very pleased with the result. My skin feels clean, yet soft and supple. I would recommend these products to anyone who is looking for the optimum in skin care."

Jeanine B. - San Diego

"I had been using Dinur facial products for years, and I was satisfied. For some unknown reason I decided to try another facial product. I won't mention the name. I noticed my skin was extremely dry along my jaw line. I couldn't figure out why. Supposedly, I was using a very good product. Then I remembered I still had some Dinur left, so I started using it again. Within two days the dryness disappeared. Then I found out Dinur had something new, a moisturizer called Hydractive 24. I started using it right away. My face is so soft, and no more dryness. I know from experience, I will continue to use Dinur as my one and only facial product."

Lynne W. - San Diego

"I am 56 years old and my skin was sun damaged with tiny web-like wrinkles on my face. Neck and chest. In 5 days of using HYDRACTIVE 24 all signs of dryness disappeared and wrinkles diminished noticeably."

Maya T. - San Diego

Jojoba Complex - Skin Care Product

I enjoyed using Dinur’s Natural Jojoba Complex line, I had no problems with any of the products. While testing another skin care line, my skin became extremely dried out, flaky and irritated, I switched back to Dinur to calm it down; within just two days I was back to normal, which in my experience is nothing short of miraculous!

Amy Gray - Cosmetics host, Bella online

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"I am in the beauty industry. I am in my fifties and have lived and played in the California sunshine all my life. The HYDRACTIVE 24 'super' cream is the only product I've ever used that I could see visible evidence of skin correction. Clients have remarked on the improved appearance of my skin. I'll never give it up!"

Mary Jane M. - San Diego

My skin has always been very oily which has contributed to large pores. Dinur products have done more than any other I've found to shrink the size of my pores, and so I am happy to recommend them."

Faye Ellen F. - San Diego

"Hydractive 24 is not just for women. I use it every day after shaving. My skin feels softer, smoother and firm. My face started looking healthier and younger right away. My mother noticed and demanded to know what I was using on my face. Now she uses it too."

Jerry K. - San Diego